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The Filbert Pump
Mfg. by Filbert Productions, Voorheesville, NY 12186 Tele: 518-765-4585

Congratulations on your purchase of The Filbert Pump. We at Filbert Productions feel The Filbert Pump is the best balloon pump money can buy. Made from space age materials the Filbert Pump is light in weight and virtually indestructible in normal use. Each Filbert Pump is handcrafted from quality materials and with reasonable care should provide years of trouble-free service.

The Filbert Pump is a professional product intended for use by the professional balloon artist. The Filbert Pump is not intended to be operated by amateurs or children.

The sole purpose of The Filbert Pump is to inflate balloons. It will fully inflate a #Q260 balloon in a single stroke, making economy of motion one of its fine points.

The Filbert Pump is capable of over inflating a balloon to the point of explosion. An exploding balloon has the potential of causing personal injury or, possibly, death. As a professional balloon artist, you are expected to know how to inflate a balloon so that it is not hazardous to yourself or to others.

The handle of The Filbert Pump is intended to hold inflated balloons. It is not intended to hold or support beverage containers, hot coffee, or anything other than inflated balloons.

While the nature of The Filbert Pump makes it attractive to children, we do not recommend allowing children to “play with” your Filbert Pump as misuse may cause personal injury, or damage to the pump.

Remember, there is no substitute for good judgement and common sense.


The Filbert Pump is warranted to the original purchaser to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. No other warranties are expressed or implied, and under no circumstances shall The Filbert Pump be warranted for any purpose other than that for which it is intended.

Should your Filbert Pump malfunction for any reason contact Filbert Productions, at or by telephone at 518-765-4585, to arrange repair. The number is on the pump.

Operating Instructions:

The Filbert Pump should be placed on a flat level surface while being operated. The toe of your foot should be placed on the base so that the push rod can be raised as necessary to inflate your balloon.

The mouth of the balloon should be placed over the brass nozzle at the top of the push rod and positioned so that air can enter the balloon. The push rod is then raised, and while holding the balloon on the brass nozzle, pushed straight down to inflate the balloon. We suggest cupping both hands over the top cap and holding the balloon on the brass nozzle with the inside of the thumb of the lower hand.

The initial downward push should be done quickly and with a fair amount of pressure. This will give the quick burst of high-pressure air needed to open the balloon. Once the balloon is opened, less pressure is needed to continue inflating the balloon. Because of the unique design of The Filbert Pump, balloons can be inflated with one long stroke or a series of shorter strokes.

It should be noted that the piston can be in any position when attaching a balloon. It can be up, down, or anywhere in between that is comfortable to the user.

Until you become comfortable with use of The Filbert Pump we suggest inflating balloons with a series of short strokes rather than one long stroke, and please pay particular attention to the fact that you must push the piston straight down and not at an angle. We have observed new users standing too close to the pump, which causes them to push the pump at an angle. Note that repeated misuse in this matter will cause premature failure of the pump.

Caution No. 1: Be sure to push only on the Top Cap, not on the plastic disk below the top cap, and be sure to push straight down.

The Balloon Holder Handle:

The Filbert Pump handle is designed to hold two inflated balloons in each hole. It is not intended to hold or support beverage containers, hot coffee, or anything other than inflated balloons.


The Filbert Pump is a rugged pump and requires very little maintenance. With reasonable care, it should perform well for many years. Simply put; Keep It Clean. The cleaner you keep your Filbert Pump the longer it will last. The more dirt it sucks in, the faster it will wear out. Be cautious in sandy locations. Dishwashing soap and water work well to keep The Filbert Pump clean, and furniture polish will help keep it clean longer. Lighter fluid, or naphtha, will remove sticky stuff, smudges, and grease.


DO NOT LUBRICATE YOUR NEW FILBERT PUMP! Your new Filbert Pump is lubricated during the manufacturing process with a specially formulated silicone lubricant, which should last at least six (6) months under normal use. Normal use being 2000 to 4000 balloons per month. During this break-in period the inside of the large tube polishes, which improves the seal and makes the pump easier to operate.
DO Not spray anything in your Filbert Pump during this break-in period. Spraying anything in the Filbert Pump during this break in period will serve only to wash away the original lubrication and make the pump harder to operate

After the break-in period, and only if you think the pump is not operating properly, a water based silicone spray, available where SCUBA diving equipment is sold, should be directed in the vent hole located in the side of the large cylinder directly under the handle. This should be done with the piston at the bottom of its stroke. Only use a few short sprays. A few short sprays will refresh the piston seal and keep your Filbert Pump operating smoothly.

The best silicone spray to use is one containing a high concentration of silicone, and one which is water based. This is called “Aqueous Silicone,” and sold under various brand names. Aqueous Silicone is used to lubricate SCUBA diving wet suits and breathing equipment, and is recommended because it leaves a thick film of silicone. Do not over lubricate.

Caution No. 2: Do Not use a petroleum based product to lubricate your Filbert Pump, it will destroy the polycarbonate base.

Do Not use WD-40 to lubricate your pump. It is not a silicone spray and it will wash away the silicone coating on the inside of your pump!

Caution No. 3: Do not use Teflon spray! Teflon spray contains a solvent, which will dissolve plastic and will effectively glue the insides of your pump together rendering it useless as a pump!

The push rod may make a squeaking noise as you inflate a balloon. If this happens, it is an indication that you are not pushing straight down, that the push rod needs lubrication, or perhaps that both conditions exist. Try again being sure you are pushing straight down on the top cap.

To lubricate the push rod, apply a small quantity of silicone grease to a soft rag and rub the rag on the extended push rod. Through testing, you will determine how much silicone grease needs to be applied to quiet the push rod. Silicone grease is used to lubricate and seal swimming pool fittings and valves, and is available in small quantities from establishments selling swimming pools or spas.

We Care: If you like your Filbert Pump, tell a friend. If you do not like your Filbert Pump, tell us. We will do everything we can to make you a satisfied customer.

Last updated 6-6-2010