Visit Our Friends

While you're here take time to visit our friends. They really are our friends and they're pretty interesting folks. If you have the time to talk with them, I'm sure you'll be very entertained, and they have some really neat stuff to sell.

Here's a departure from the ordinary you might find interesting. A friend of ours, we call him Captain Ron after the character in the movie by the same name, which, by the way, is a great movie and should be on everyone's "Not to be missed" list, was killing time one day, something he is real good at, and stumbled upon this thing called the Bug. It was so captivating to him, he is very easily entertained, that he decided to buy one. Now his house is infested with the critters and he doesn't know what to do. The exterminators can't even figure out what to do about the problem. Go ahead, take a look, but don't get too close, it's infectious!

Bill Spence Music

I've known Bill over 20 years and have never known him to talk in a straight line. He comes from the middle west where all the roads go either North and South or East and West and "you can't get there from here" is the answer to the question "How do I get to ...?" The fact that he grew up going around corners when he could have gone in a straight line probably explains his unusual approach to things. But, that's what makes him so interesting.

And then there is his music. Bill is the world's foremost Hammered Dulcimer player, and he's pretty good too. Now, if you don't know what a hammered dulcimer is than you are in for a peasant surprise. The hammered dulcimer is one of those ancient instruments that can't be played, which is probably why Bill is so good at it. So stop by his web page and see what it's all about. You'll have a nice visit.

Old Songs

If you have never experienced old time traditional music this is the place to visit to get your feet wet. We've been hootin' around Old Songs for quite a few years now and the interesting things they come up with never ceases to amaze us.

Take a look at, you'll be glad you did.

Andy's Front Hall

Andy's Front Hall has been in the folk music business longer than anyone, or so it seems. She started the business in the front hall of their old farmhouse and has been there ever since, except now she has a real warehouse and a real office. If it's folk and she doesn't have it you don't need it.

For the very best in Folk Music visit our good friends at Andy's Front Hall.

The Old Songs Festival
The last full weekend in June every year

Well we mingled, danced, camped, played, listened, talked, and sang all day and night for three days and just had a wonderful time at this years' Old Songs Festival. Now we're getting ready for next years' festival, which promises to be better than ever. The Old Songs Festival truly is the best folk music festival in the country. Family oriented, this years' 34th Old Songs will have some surprises you can't do without, so make your plans now to be there. It's the last full weekend in June and, yes, tickets are still available.

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Last updated 6-6-2010