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Notes to Our Loyal Customers:

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General Information

If you are thinking about ordering a Filbert Pump be advised that we have been inundated with orders for some reason and as a result it may take as long as FOUR (4) WEEKS to process your order.

If you need a pump for an upcoming event PLEASE plan ahead and order early to give us time to work your order into our busy schedule. Right now THREE weeks advance notice wouldn't be too long. Then, call and email us, reminding us that you need it by a certain date and we will do our best to meet your deadline.

RED WHITE BLACK and BLUE LARGE TUBES are out of stock. We are not sure when the large tubes will arrive. Our new supplier keeps telling us "We're making them this week..." but they haven't arrived yet. I hope they will arrive soon. Orders with red white black and blue large tubes are still on hold. We hope this temporary situation will end soon.

The good news is that when the tubes arrive there will be two new colors. We're not telling what they are, but you can probably guess.


We are no longer offering free base replacements. The cost of a base replacement is $30 plus shipping & Handling.
When you contact us about a base replacement please include the base color and large tube color, as well as the pump serial number and date of manufacture, which is written on the underside of the pump base.

Because of the dramatic increase in shipping we will advise you of the S&H on a case by case basis for all base replacements.

If you have any problems sending us an e-mail please contact us via telephone at 518-765-4585, or e-mail us at filbertpump @, and let us know what is happening. This will help our webmaster solve the problem.

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Introducing the world famous
Filbert Pump

The World’s Best Balloon Pump!

Inflates a 260 in one stroke! Weighs only 2½ pounds!

The above photos are examples of various color combinations, and the new Pump Tubes. You can create your own color combinations by selecting the color for the Base, Pump tube, Handle, Top Disk, and Top Cap. Each can be a different color so you can mix and match colors to suit your fancy!



We now have seven colors available: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Bright Orange, Teal, and Hot Pink. All the parts are now injection molded, and, do they look
sharp! You’ll be the envy of all your friends with your new Filbert Pump. The Filbert Pump is, indeed the World's Best Balloon Pump!

The Seven Colors of the Filbert Pump

Filbert in person!

 Samples of Filbert Pump colors. Almost all Filbert Pump colors are in stock.


Just $100, plus shipping!

Click here to buy yours!

Thanks for your interest in the Filbert Pump

Filbert Productions is owned and operated by Filbert the Clown,
Balloon Artist, Dr. of Clutterology, and creator of the Filbert Pump.

If you would like more information about anything we sell, would like to order
something, or would like to tell us a joke,
you can call us at 518-765-4585, or you can
email us at info @
If you include your name and telephone number
we'll call you back. We try to call everyone back and answer emails within a day or so, but sometimes we get swamped with calls and emails and some fall by the wayside. If you don't get a reply within a few days rattle our cage again as a reminder.

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